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Why am I running?
Customer Service

I want to continue to improve customer service. The Treasurer has different customers with different needs, but they all deserve top-notch service, delivered quickly, and without complaint. Under my leadership, anyone that comes into the Treasurer's office will be treated with respect and helped as quickly as possible. Government does not have to be slow or burdensome, and dealing with your local government should not be a hassle.  

Championing Technology
I want to continue to innovate and improve the processes in the Treasurer’s Office, I will do this by championing technology to better serve the public.  As County Treasurer, I will research best practices and current technology to maximize taxpayers’ resources and streamline services.
Employee Morale

I want to improve employee morale and employee longevity in the Treasurer’s office. I will do this by bringing a new vision to the County Treasurer’s Office: 


  • A vision that values each employee.

  • A Vision that acknowledges friendly, accessible, competent customer service starts at the top.  

  • A Vision that respects taxpayer resources by being accountable to the public

  • A Vision that listens to the public as well as the employees dedicated to serving them.

  • A Vision that reflects the diversity of the community it seeks to serve

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